Time for a Change

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It’s hard for me to know if I chose this path or if it chose me. No matter the answer, my response is unchanged: I will march down the path ahead of me because it’s exactly where I have been led. This past year has been an unrecognizable combination of victory, heartache, lose, beginnings, and “yet-to-be understood” lessons. The most impacting part of the year happened on September 13th, the night of a fundraiser to spread awareness of my Olympic plight to people within my community. During set up for the event, I learned about the tragic loss of a friend of mine who died while...

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The Happenings of LBE

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The past few months have been more than a whirlwind for me and my horses, it’s been a completely wild adventure. Most recently, my three horses have attended Twin Rivers Horse Trials and Woodside International Horse Trials.  The most exciting part of the past few months has been growing a lasting relationship with my newest horse, Castle Larchfield Purdy.  “Purdy” and I competed in the open intermediate and CIC** in the past two shows, finishing in first at both events.  It has been so exciting to invite a syndicate into the mix of competing and knowing my successes are...

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Rebecca Farm 2014

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Hello everyone! This is Lauren’s groom, Marta, writing. I am here to keep you updated on our exciting week at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, Montana!   Sunday at noon we departed from Carmel Valley with 9 horses in a commercial truck and trailer. Sophie (Lauren’s working student) and I traveled with the horses and the truck drivers up to Montana. Thankfully the trip was nothing but smooth sailing! The horses drank, ate, and were happy the whole way there. It helped that they had such a nice ride. When we weren’t taking care of the horses, Sophie and I managed to entertain...

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Syndication Opportunity

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“Follow your dreams.” That’s a jam-packed phrase.  In my eclectic and passionate journey through my past twenty five years of life, I have found that following your dreams requires more than one person can individually provide.  It requires an army’s worth of ambition, support, and drive, as well as a bit of luck. I always knew riding was what I wanted as the focus of my life, but was never really sure how this would happen.  So I followed the path life provided with the support of my “army” and miraculously found myself at this point: as a member of the Puerto Rican Equestrian...

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Rewriting The Past

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I realize, being who I am, that I have a tendency to be overly competitive and overly analytical. When I see a problem, I want to fix it immediately. Since my return from the Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, these qualities certainly haven’t changed. My job since I’ve been back has been to work my horse down from her fitness. To be frank, it isn’t the easiest goal I’ve ever had to achieve. Ginger is holding onto her fire. Trying to suppress this for the time being, after so many months of building it, is hard, to say the least. I realize also that this time is asking me...

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