PC: Mike McNally

Name: Castle Larchfield Purdy
Sex: Gelding
Birthday: 2002
Breed: Irish Sport Horse
Sire: Karistos (Selle Français)
Dam: Hallo Purdy
Discipline: Three-Day Eventing
Owner: Purdy Syndicate, LLC
Accomplishments: 2019 Woodside Advanced 2nd Place, 2019 Twin Rivers CCI4*-S 1st Place, 2019 Galway Downs CCI3*-S 7th Place, 2018 Rebecca Farm CIC3* 5th Place, 2018 Woodside Advanced 1st Place, 2017 Rebecca Farm CIC3* 8th Place, 2017 The Spring Event at Woodside Intermediate 1st Place, 2016 Rio Olympic Games, 2016 Great Meadow CICO3* Nations Cup, 2016 The Spring Event at Woodside Advanced 3rd Place, 2016 Twin Rivers CIC3* 1st Place, 2016 FCHP CIC2* 2nd Place, 2015 Galway Downs International CCI3* 8th Place, 2015 Woodside International CIC3* 1st Place, 2015 Copper Meadows CIC3* 4th Place, 2015 Pan American Games 18th Place, 2015 Jersey Fresh CCI3*, 2015 Twin Rivers Open Intermediate 1st Place, 2015 Galway Downs CIC3* 10th Place, 2015 FCHP CIC2* 3rd Place, 2014 Galway Downs CCI2* 4th Place, 2014 Woodside CIC2* 1st Place, 2014 Twin Rivers CCI* 1st Place, 2012 Blenhiem CCI3*, 2012 Hartpury CIC3*, 2011 Blenhiem CIC3*
More information: Purdy was imported from England in the summer of 2013. Already a seasoned Advanced horse, he has competed throughout Europe and the United States. Purdy was chosen to compete in the British National Championships in 2011 and has already proven himself capable and is very athletic and sound. Other Olympic Teams have attempted to acquire this horse for the 2016 games. For all these reasons, Lauren feels extremely fortunate to be Purdy’s rider. Aside from his previous honors, he has a warm personality and loves hugs and treats. This horse has the true ability to be an outstanding competitor. Lauren and Purdy successfully completed and represented Puerto Rico at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio!



Name: Can Be Sweet
Sex: Gelding
Birthday: 2012
Breed: German Sporthorse
Sire: Candyman
Dam: Tres Belle
Discipline: Three-Day Eventing
Owner: Can Be Sweet Syndicate, LLC
More Information: Can Be Sweet, or ‘Charlie’, was the perfect fit for Lauren. Charlie is about 75% Thoroughbred with a lot of really good German bloodlines, and he is super talented. He is flashy on the flat and has a super jump and is a really nice horse to be around. Lauren likes to select horses who are pleasant to work with and he checked all of the boxes. Accomplishments: 2019 Woodside Preliminary Horse Challenge 12th Place, 2019 Twin Rivers CCI2*-L 12th Place, 2019 Galway Downs CCI2*-S 20th Place, 2018 Fresno County Horse Park Preliminary 5th Place, 2018 Galway Downs Preliminary 9th Place, 2018 Rebecca Farm T3D 4th Place, 2017 2nd YEH 5 Year Old Class at Twin Rivers, 2017 4th YEH 5 Year Old Class at Woodside, 2018 3rd Novice at Fresno County Horse Park.


Name: Caletina
Sex: Mare
Birthday: 2011
Breed: Holsteiner
Sire: Calido I
Dam: R-Landau
Discipline: Three-Day Eventing
Owner: Caletina Syndicate, LLC
More Information: Caletina was one of the best jumpers Lauren saw throughout her whole trip to Europe. Caletina was winning the 1.20m Young Horse classes and actually went cross country schooling for the first time with Lauren. Lauren was really pleased with how she handled the new challenges and learned quickly. Accomplishments: 2019 Woodside Preliminary Horse Challenge 8th Place, 2019 Twin Rivers CCI2*-L 5th Place, 2019 Twin Rivers Preliminary 8th Place, 2018 Fresno County Horse Park Preliminary 1st Place, 2018 Galway Downs Preliminary 8th Place, 2018 Rebecca Farm T3D 2nd Place, 2018 Galway Downs Training Horse 2nd Place, 2017 Twin Rivers Novice 9th Place


Lauren Billys and Marseille XC-1

Jessica Duffy Photo

Sex: Gelding
Birthday: 2004
Breed: Belgian Warmblood
Sire: Toulon
Dam: Prinses
Discipline: Three-Day Eventing
Accomplishments:  2017 Spring Event at Woodside 5th Place Preliminary, 2016 Woodside International 7th Place CIC2*, 2016 Twin Rivers Intermediate 1st Place, 2016 Caber Farm Preliminary 1st Place, 2015 Copper Meadows CIC2* 3rd Place, 2015 Rebecca Farm CCI2* 5th Place, 2015 Copper Meadows CIC2* 2nd Place, 2015 Spring Event at Woodside Open Preliminary 1st Place, 2014 Blenheim CCI3*, 2014 Blair Castle CIC3*, 2014 Belton CIC2* 4th Place, 2013 Blenheim CIC3*
More Information: Marseille was in training with four-star rider Matthew Heath in England where he competed in multiple three-stars before Lauren found him with the help of Mike and Emma Winter and imported him in the spring of 2015. He is a great jumping horse with three fantastic gaits that make him a solid competitor! Lauren is very much looking forward to building her partnership with him.

Lauren Billys March 2012 011a

Name: Jitter Bug
Sex: Mare
Birthday: 2006
Breed: Rheinland Pfalz-Saar
Sire: Daimler D’ Adriers (Selle Français)
Dam: Nesthöckerli (American Warmblood)
Discipline: Three-Day Eventing
Accomplishments: 2014 Galway Downs CCI1* 7th Place, 2014 Rebecca Farm CCI1* 3rd Place, 2014 Galway Downs CIC* Third Place, 2013 Galway Downs CCI*
More Information: Lauren brought Jitter Bug up through the levels, acheiving great success at the Preliminary/One-Star level before selling her to Hannah Sue Burnett. Lauren wishes this pair the best of luck, and looks forward to seeing them achieve great things!

PressRelease: Jitter Bug Sold to Hannah Sue Burnett

Name: Ballingowan Ginger
Sex: Mare
Birthday: 2002
Breed: Irish Sport Horse
Sire: Master Imp
Dam: Ballydavid Vera
Discipline: Three-Day Eventing
Accomplishments: 2014 Twin Rivers CIC3* 2nd Place, 2014 Twin Rivers Advanced 1st Place, 2014 Fresno County Horse Park CIC2* 2nd Place, 2013 Woodside CIC3* Reserve Champion, 2013 Rebecca Farms CIC3* 4th Place, 2012 Galway Downs CCI** Champion, 2011 Pan American Games, 2011 Area VI Mare of the Year, 2011 USEA Top 10 Mares, 2011 Area VI Intermediate Horse Reserve Champion, 2010 Area VI Top Irish Sport Horse, 2009 Galway Downs CIC* Champion
More Information: Ginger was imported in 2006 and acquired by the Billys in 2007. Lauren and Ginger competed successfully together for several years at the top levels of Eventing. In 2015, she sold her long time partner to Young Rider Jordyn Horwitz. Lauren wishes this new pair the best of luck and will be cheering for them from the sidelines!

Press Release: Ballingowan Ginger Sold to Young Rider