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Life happens when…

Life happens when plans don’t work as expected.  This summer has been interesting to say the least.  It started with planning to go to Woodside Horse Trials, but having to scratch due to the outbreak of the EHV virus.  And more recently, the plans to ride in the Pebble Beach Dressage Show and Rebecca Farms Horse Trials were scratched as well due to being diagnosed with Lyme disease (no need to worry, as I will back to normal soon).  As I was put on house arrest to recover from this bout of sickness, I have been able to reformat my summer goals and work on some much needed office work.  The goals for this summer have always been to bring Ginger into peak fitness and fund raise for the Pan American Games.  I can say, although I was pretty down about not being able to attend these shows, it has truly worked in my favor.  I have been able to spend some much needed time on hammering down a fitness program fitting to Ginger’s needs and working on some details in our jump and flat work.  In all honesty, Ginger is feeling better than ever.  Within the last week, I have been able to feel some huge differences in our work.  I am starting to see all the homework pay off because she is improving daily in her confidence, strength, and our teamwork.  I am so excited  to put together all of our practice for the Summer Event at Woodside in August.  I mentioned that we have hammered down a fitness program for Ginger; recently Ginger has spent time weekly at Annadale Equine Center, which is a local therapy center in Sanger that offers an aqua-tredmill and a horse swimming pool.  I have found that cross training Ginger has drastically changed her fitness; it has been like riding an entirely new horse.  I am excited to feel her changing weekly into a stronger and more mature horse!!

The other goal I mentioned was fundraising.  As I am going to the Pan American Games in October to represent Puerto Rico, I have been reaching out to local businesses for sponsorship to attend the games.  I am excited and so thankful for my sponsors so far that include: Stan and Wendy Simpson, Buckman and Mitchell, Valley Oak Executive Suites, Annadale Equine Center, and Pacific Crest Equine.  It has been a nerve wrecking and exciting process to spread awareness on the opportunities that Ginger and I have in front of us in the coming months.  We will be having a fundraising event on August 27th at the DeBoer’s Royal Friesian Farm in Tulare.  Along with dinner, people will get a chance to see the test that Ginger and I will compete in the Pan American Games as well as a jump demonstration.  I hope it will be an exciting night that will connect the community with my horse and I, and an opportunity to raise support and awareness for the Pan American Games.  If you or someone you know would be interested in attending this event, please contact me via email ( or on the “Contact Us” page on the webpage.  More information should be available on the website soon.

Thank you to all my amazing sponsors!  More information to come soon.  Side note, the photo above is of one of my students, Alex Dayka, who came out to cool Ginger down this past Friday.

Until next time,

Ginger and Lauren