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It wasn’t until the car ride home when it hit me…WE DID IT!!!  Ginger and I completed our first CCI** and finished in third place!  She went double clean today in the show jumping with no faults in jumping or time, she was perfect.  Show jumping has become one of my favorite phases to ride and Ginger keeps proving to me she wants to do well just as bad as I do.  This weekend was full of more anxiety than any other emotion knowing that the end of the weekend could mean the potential for an exciting future (qualifying for the Pan Ams).  As fun as it was, I can say that the feeling of relief has overwhelmed me.  At the completion of this horse show, Ginger and I are officially qualified for the Pan American Games in October of 2011 that will take place in Guadalajara, Mexico.  We are not there yet but this of course is the first step.  The past six months have all been training for the these past two international competitions both of which Ginger and I finished in the top three.  On the drive home, I finally looked back at all the dressage lessons, all the jump schools, all the drives to Carmel Valley, and all the classes I skipped to go gallop (sorry Mom) to get qualified and here I sit in my bed with a toothy grin that won’t leave me because we finally did it.  There is so much more ahead but I can say that step one is done.  Ginger will now receive a well deserved week off as I jump into my Analytical Chemistry book for a reality check. Pending some details and Ginger staying healthy, I will resume training for the Pan Ams and upcoming events in a week.  My training style now though is going to start to change.  I want to go to the games with a shot at a medal, so we are going to get to work at perfecting our dressage and getting Ginger stronger and fitter every ride.  Our plan in terms of shows until then is still to be decided and will be determined in two weeks once I go back to Carmel Valley to attend “Camp diGrazia.”  The next step for me is some Anthropology studying and sleep.  I should have videos and pictures to post soon, until then I will keep you updated on Ginger and keep celebrating.  Thanks so much for following!
Until next time,
Lauren and Ginger