Lauren Announces The Launch Of A Special
Fundraiser For Puerto Rico

Lauren and Frances Muñoz the Chef d'Equipe of Puerto Rico.

Lauren and Frances Muñoz the Chef d’Equipe of Puerto Rico.


In the past month, it seems our earth is going through some growing pains. Watching our surroundings changing around us has been heartbreaking. When Puerto Rico was hit with two back-to-back hurricanes, the island’s power, water, and necessities to live became nonexistent. As the island works through this time, there are so many places in need.

As many of you know, I am Puerto Rican and have been competing under this flag for seven years. Most immediately our friends in Puerto Rico have reached out to receive basic needs for horses that are also struggling through this time. In total, we know these are the needs of roughly 700 horses, but this is only two facilities in the area. Their needs are basic, but vital. For some time, horses stood in water and are in need of hoof support and pest control among other needs.

Please help support their needs by purchasing one of the items listed here, you can buy them from anywhere. Then please ship the items to me directly and then I will send in bulk to the facilities in need in Puerto Rico. Also note, there is a general fund for shipping and if you would like to make a donation to shipping you can put your donation into this category.

Puerto Rico is a place extremely close to my heart and it saddens me to see the special people and horses there suffer. No donation is to small and any and all help is cherished!

To view the registry, please visit this link: