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Rebecca Farm 2014

10534566_10203939310713054_1893977785538112465_nHello everyone! This is Lauren’s groom, Marta, writing. I am here to keep you updated on our exciting week at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, Montana!


Sunday at noon we departed from Carmel Valley with 9 horses in a commercial truck and trailer. Sophie (Lauren’s working student) and I traveled with the horses and the truck drivers up to Montana. Thankfully the trip was nothing but smooth sailing! The horses drank, ate, and were happy the whole way there. It helped that they had such a nice ride. When we weren’t taking care of the horses, Sophie and I managed to entertain ourselves on the drive. We stared out the windows watching the pretty view through all the different states. We even became friends with the truck drivers and chatted with them quite a bit. Well…when we weren’t passed out on one the beds in the back of the truck.  Then on Monday night, after traveling 32 hours through California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, we made it to Kalispell, Montana!


The next morning Jitter Bug and Ginger went on a hack around beautiful Rebecca Farm. I think they were both happy to get out and stretch their legs after that long trailer ride. Lauren hopped on them again in the afternoon to have them work a little. The girls also got out to munch on some of the nice green grass that covers the property. I think they were in horsey heaven. Later in the evening a thunderstorm rolled in for about 30 minutes. (nothing us California girls are used to in mid summer) If only we could take some of that rain home with us!





So far everything has gone well and we are all excited for the show to begin! I’ll be sure to keep posting as the week goes on!


-Marta Tabatabai