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Riding On A Golf Course Is A Dream Come True

It is good to remember the past. It brings me home, reminds me of what I’ve been through, and strengthens me for what is to come.

When I was young, I was on the show team at the barn where I grew up learning to ride called Mountain View Corrals. The team was comprised of my best friends. We understood one another at the age of 13 to even now. We would spend summers riding horses, swimming, playing and eating. The girls and I had similar priorities in life with riding, family, faith and friends at the top and outward appearances, boys and being popular at the bottom. We realized that it is the relationships that we have within life that bring joy, and because of this we found joy in one another and our horses.

The girls and I would take trail rides weekly out in the farming fields behind the barn. The trails would include two pointing for far too long, trotting, swimming in the river, and of course stopping for snacks! On the way to the trailhead there was a golf course that had a snack shop. I am currently and was infamously known for my ravenous eating habits, some call it my “tape worm.” Of course, we couldn’t last the hour- to two-hour long trail ride without a bag of chips and a soda. So, we would stop at the golf course, tie our horses up and walk inside to grab our fuel.

I remember having the conversation with my riding friends…

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