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Syndication Opportunity

“Follow your dreams.”

That’s a jam-packed phrase.  In my eclectic and passionate journey through my past twenty five years of life, I have found that following your dreams requires more than one person can individually provide.  It requires an army’s worth of ambition, support, and drive, as well as a bit of luck.

I always knew riding was what I wanted as the focus of my life, but was never really sure how this would happen.  So I followed the path life provided with the support of my “army” and miraculously found myself at this point: as a member of the Puerto Rican Equestrian Team with a horse that I have brought up from novice to advanced, and a game plan for the next two years that places me in Rio de Janeiro representing Puerto Rico as their first three-day eventing rider in the Olympic Games.

The spring of 2014 is a pivotal stage of following my plan to Rio.  With one year left before 2015, in which I will chase points at three star competitions for a seat at the Olympics, I must obtain one more horse to qualify for the Olympic Games.

The road to Rio is going to be full of exhilarating achievements, bumps, and fun.  The upcoming games are best suited for me because I am a considered to be in the South/Central American section of the world.  Because of this, I must become the number one rider in this area of the world in 2015.  However, because Brazil will be the host country (and therefore guaranteed a spot in every discipline in the Olympics) for 2016, my pool of competitors has shrunk immensely.  This makes my chances of going to the Olympics much more realistic.

At this point, I have one horse of my own that I have brought along from the beginning to most advanced levels of eventing, as well as a young horse who is still climbing the ladder of the upper levels.  With only one horse to secure my seat to attend the games, I know I am blessed, but also one lameness away from my dreams disappearing.  It is because of this that I have no choice, but to look for another horse to qualify and compete at the Olympic Games.

As a recent college graduate, I pushed myself through the challenge of riding, starting my own business, and achieving a double major.  My career as a full-time rider is only now beginning and as excited as I am, I am equally as strained to make ends meet and continue to grow as a rider.   This is why I am looking for a team of supporters to join my “army” in an effort to follow my dreams.  Becoming a syndicate member with me would mean a real shot at attending the Olympic Games in the chance to see the Puerto Rican flag raised for the first time in the eventing venue in Olympic history.  Becoming a syndicate member with Lauren Billys Eventing would give you a front row seat at the biggest international competitions in the western hemisphere: including the Central American and Caribbean Games, Pan American Games, and Olympic Games, as well as many FEI competitions throughout the United States.  With this syndication, you will be an integral part of watching a horse and rider grow to become international stars because of your direct contribution.

So here I am, following my dreams.  I am egged on by my own persistent spirit and unconditional army comprised of family, friends, professors, riding coaches, and everyone in-between.  Being afforded the opportunity to acquire a second, invaluable horse through the facilitation of a syndicate would be a game-changing gift as I work towards following my dreams to Rio de Janeiro in 2016.  So invite you to  come join my army and be a part of my Olympic dream!