Auburn Laboratories

AuburnLabs300Auburn Laboratories, Inc. is the leading producer and distributor of adaptogenic herbal supplements for horses and pets in North America. Founded in 1999 by Michael Van Noy, DVM and his wife Joy, the company is committed to providing highly effective nutritional supplements backed by scientific research.


Arias Whips

Arias Whips 

Arias Whips were created by a former jockey, Carlos Arias. His whips are custom-made and meant to feel as though they caress your hand. The whip is made up of a cushion popper which helps to eliminate the need for hard leather. Lauren likes to use the best products available to her, and this is one of them!


KP Competition 

K9’s standard of the “highest quality ingredients available” includes Aloe Vera, B5 Vitamins and Silk Protein as well as nature friendly ingredients. The end result being products optimum for everyday use as well as professional use.


CCB_FINAL_ONLINECalifornia Custom Bonnets 

California Custom Bonnets provide superior protection, quality, and fit. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and you are also able to customize them!  Lauren has partnered with California Custom Bonnets to help protect her horses and look stylish while doing so. 



Carmel Tack Shop 

Carmel Tack Shop has spent many hours finding interesting brands of high quality and style from around the world and believe that riders like to look nice, but also know that a quality product must be more that great looking – it needs to be functional as well. Lauren trusts Carmel Tack Shop to outfit her in stylish and top quality products.


CavalorLogo_HighResCavalor Premium Feed & Supplements

Cavalor has partnered with Lauren Billys Eventing to provide the highest quality in equine nutrition. Cavalor feed has helped tailor feed programs for each of the horses at Lauren Billys Eventing to maintain a healthy diet fit to each horses’ needs to help maximize performance and comfort.



cs simkoC.S. Simko

C.S. Simko belts are handcrafted from the finest quality materials. They are made one at a time to give you a unique feel when you put one on. Lauren Billys loves wearing her C.S. Simko belts and feels stylish while doing so!



Goode Ridergooderider

Goode Rider is a complete collection of fashionable apparel, including breeches, jackets, coats, vests, shirts, sweaters and belts. Goode Rider provides women with the best fit, style and comfort in riding apparel, utilizing the latest performance fabrics and technologies. Most Goode Rider products feature Stain Stopper™, a water proof repellence that helps their clothing stay clean and classy from the barn and beyond. Lauren loves the flattering fit and comfort of her Goode Rider apparel both for schooling and competition.



GumBits promotes the salivation process and eliminates the teeth grinding which often occurs during the intense training of high performance sport horses. Not only does GumBits encourage chewing activity, trigger salivation, and eliminate teeth grinding, horses love the sweet taste. GumBits are made of all natural FDA approved ingredients and is safe and palatable.




Lauren is excited to partner with JoJoSox, creators of functional and fashionable socks that feel and look great with any boots. JoJoSox are dedicated to performance, functionality, and design, using high-tech and eco-friendly materials for unparalleled fit and comfort.


McCauley-Dermaspa-logoMcCarley’s Dermaspa

McCarley Dermaspa provides the community with a medical spa that attends to all of your skincare needs. After a long day in the saddle, Lauren loves to relax and feel rejuvenated at the McCarley Dermaspa!




MDC Stirrups

MDC stirrups work with a rider’s body, providing better leg and foot position, greater contact with the horse, proven reduction in ankle, knee, hip and back pain with greater safety. Lauren trusts MDC to keep her balanced and secure in the saddle.



Pacific Crest Equine

Dr. Doug Anez and the staff at Pacific Crest Equine in Exeter, California provide outstanding veterinary care to the horses of Lauren Billys Eventing and are committed to continued education and the best possible horse performance and health.



professionals-choice-logoProfessional’s Choice

Professional’s Choice provides Lauren with top quality equipment for her horses. Professional’s Choice has specialized in equine sports medicine products for the last 25 years and has become an industry leader recognized for its dedication to the comfort of horses and as a manufacturer of quality equine products. In addition to equine leg care products, Professional’s Choice offers saddle pads, girths, bits and other horse accessories of the highest quality for the professional competitor.



Lauren is thrilled to team up with RockTape Equine, a kinesiology tape that has a unique adhesive perfect for all
equestrian sports. It can help reduce or control pain, manage swelling or rt-logo-150edema, increase joint range of motion and muscle function, and maintain a level of functionality and comfort for the horse throughout the rehabilitation process. It can also be used on riders to maintain functionality and comfort in training and assist with recovery. RockTape’s philosophy is to help athletes of every discipline and level “move more, and move better.”



Samshield was born of the marriage between the analysis of young professional rider’s needs, the creative enthusiasm of young designers and disciplined technical vision engineers. Samshield’s philosophy is to always offer products that breakthrough in terms of technology, active and passive safety, comfort and hygiene, quality materials, quality workmanship and personalization.


Style Stock
style stock logo

Style Stock offers both classic and pre-tied stock ties in beautiful, high quality materials. The Style Stock workshop is out of Santa Barbara and each piece is handmade by the designer herself. If you are looking to make an impression in the show ring, add a Style Stock stock tie to your competition ensemble.


Soless Visors

Solesslogo-300x150Soless Visors are stylish and provide ultimate protection from the sun. The Soless Visor is the only one that allows Lauren to see where she is going while simultaneously providing UV protection.


Sweat Cosmetics

sweat_cosmetics_logoAs professional and Olympic athletes, the creators of Sweat Cosmetics know firsthand the toll that being consistently active can take on your skin. Sweat Cosmetics is dedicated to protecting today’s active women with natural and skin enhancing ingredients. Sweat’s mineral powder is a multifunctional makeup and sunscreen product containing beneficial and skin-loving ingredients that will protect and repair active skin from all elements it may encounter. This breathable formula offers immediate and natural sun protection, won’t clog pores, run into your eyes, or drip down your face. It provides convenient and effortless coverage, making it the perfect product for athletes. Lauren trusts Sweat Cosmetics to keep her skin healthy and beautiful!


topline leatherTopline Leather

Topline Leather creates unique custom brow-bands, dog collars and accessories hand-woven from multiple strands of crystals, gemstones and beads that create an elegant crystal braid. Our designs range from understated monochromatic with a touch of sparkle to major bling and crystal spikes. We use only the best, jewelry-quality materials and techniques to make sure your look is top of the line.




Total Saddle Fit

Total Saddle Fit’s shoulder relief girth provides outstanding comfort for your equine partner. Its design helps to keep the saddle from sliding forward, causing pressure and pain on the horses’ shoulders. Lauren is proud to be sponsored by Total Saddle Fit Should Relief Girths because they allow her horses to have full range of motion without the saddle interfering with their movement.



voltaire-logoVoltaire Design

Voltaire Design provides saddles for Lauren and her horses. This sponsorship has guaranteed the best possible fitting saddles and rider security for competition and daily practice.





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